Radiator customer service regulations

By the computer radiator overclocking three science and technology production, with the documents to buy the products, customers can be in the dealers to buy products with the warranty card to enjoy the warranty service. The warranty card is the only proof of warranty service, please safekeeping. The products can't produce purchase documents, will be to charge.

The term of service:

Product warranty customer purchase date three years guarantee, heat dissipation, Baohuan January. Does not indicate the date of purchase, to the ex factory date.
Warranty service treaty:
1 users purchase products use time in the replacement period, if the product itself has the problem, can with the purchase documents to the dealer for replacement of the same model of new product;
Dealers through the customer returned purchase documents and fault goods exchange products and the company.
2 the warranty period of time fault free repair, dealers will customer returned purchase documents and failure to return goods the company repair.
3 user must set the product is used in the application processor of this company appointed, and install, use the normal mode of operation, due to reasons or improper use of this product damage, do not belong to the warranty service range, if the reverse
Repair, repair cost shall be charged.
4 due to damage and failure of transportation, by the consignor shall be responsible for the accountability.
5 the improper use of this product caused property or personal injury, the company will not bear any responsibility.
6 product purchase product model, product code and user to buy the product type must match.
7 the Distributor shall assist customers in product purchase documents the content, and company stamp.
Repair package:
All repair products, please use sponge or soft debris fixed, the packaging must be manufactured by the original packaging requirements (such as blister, carton etc.), to maximize the protection of the goods, in order to prevent damage, otherwise the consequences. The following is not within the scope of warranty:
1 due to natural disasters, with irresistible force, or people accidentally caused damage.
2 self disassembly, arbitrary changes to specifications or non malfunction and damage the company's original factory parts caused by the.
In 3 the company identification label torn, number barcode damaged or cannot be identified.
4 no spraying production date and serial number of the product production.
5 other non normal use.