The second China Electronic Information Fair opens
2014/4/11 10:27:24
Southern daily dispatch (reporter / Yang Lei Hu Ming) 3 - day second China electronic information exposition (CITE 2014) opened in the deep yesterday. Vice Minister of industry and information Liu Lihua, Guangdong provincial Party committee member, Shenzhen municipal Party committee secretary Wang Rong, vice governor of Guangdong Province Liu Zhigeng and the exhibition host country South Korea government representatives attended and addressed the opening ceremony. Shenzhen city mayor Xu Qin presided over the opening ceremony. At the opening ceremony of the leadership and representatives of entrepreneurs and the Ministry of environmental protection, Ministry of Commerce and other ministries, provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government and cities specifically designated in the state plan, the leadership of the relevant industry associations responsible person, exhibitors, professional visitors.
Liu Lihua pointed out in his speech, the electronic information industry is the national economy strategic, basic, guiding pillar industry, technological innovation, industry oriented, permeability is wide, the economic and social development in the increasingly prominent role. At present, a new generation of information technology to speed up the pace of evolution, cloud computing, Internet of things, big data, mobile Internet and other emerging forms of technological innovation and industrialization of new pattern be just unfolding, new technology, new products, continue to emerge, not only gave birth to a number of new economic point of growth, but also had a profound influence on the development of mode of traditional industries.
Wang Rong said in his speech, Shenzhen as a special economic zone, is Chinese reform and opening the window, the frontier is the development of information industry. Establishment of agglomeration, rapid development of electronic information industry in Shenzhen, last year the output value reached 1.5 yuan, has become the global important electronic information industry base. Wang Rong said, the electronic information technology fair display of information consumption, the new focus, new thoughts and ideas spread the development of the industry, will be to promote science and technology and industry to speed up the integration, capital and markets better butt joint, easy to play an important role to promote the electronic exchange of Technology and product trade.
Liu Zhigeng said, Guangdong Province is the country's economic, but also the electronic information industry of the province. In recent years, in the national Ministry of guidance and support, Guangdong will adhere to the electronic information industry as to speed up transformation and upgrading, foster new economic point of growth, enhance the international competitiveness of the important points to grasp, to promote the use of deepening the information. At present, Guangdong Information Technology and modern financial industry is developing rapidly, the rapid development of electronic information industry, has become a national and even international important electronic information industry base.
The South Korean embassy minister Venus seven invited speech, he thanked Chinese invited South Korea as the Expo host country very much, and that the electronic information industry will continue to lead the two countries cooperation, I wish both become electronic information industry.