The largest tax payment receipts will be issued next year electronic version can push tax records
2014/4/11 10:27:53

Oriental Network April 11th news: according to "labor daily" report, the next year, the tax payment receipts public or there will be more convenient for the electronic version. Reporters yesterday from the city tax bureau to carry out the "tax for the convenience of spring breeze action" chief online interview was informed that, in the future, tax payment receipts to digital by means of network informationization, push personal income tax payment records. In addition, the City Tax Bureau launched 50 convenience combined, to change the function, decentralization, maximize the convenience of taxpayers.
On the other hand, the city tax department is gradually establish entity tax and self-help tax combined with the new tax mode. In March 1st this year, the tax department launched a new feature in the "online tax service hall," the official opening of the invoice service subsystem. The system is in the ordinary invoice detailed data collection work, set up a cross of inside and outside network real-time data communication channel. Taxpayer by CA digital certificate landing "online tax service hall", for ordinary invoice test old, booking and purchase invoice detailed data query services on the Internet, so as to reduce the tax cost, improve work efficiency. It is reported, since opening in March 1st, a total of 149700 households taxpayer by "on-line automatic inspection of the old" way to experience the old invoice in 12378000 copies, of universal machine play invoice test old period was 32.9%.